Hello, I am Manan Mistry and I'm a 24-year-old paper Quilling artist based in Gujarat, India

I was already very fond of papercraft, I used to make greeting cards for everyone in my family and friends on their birthdays and anniversaries back then.

I found quilling in 2013. I remember in the 9th-grade summer vacation, my mom brought me some quilling strips from the market to keep me busy, and then I heard the word quilling for the very first time. I remember that I spent my entire evening searching for what I could make with these quilling strips and I finally found one quilling design from the internet. I tried to make it and it was really fun. That was my first experience with quilling and then it's not possible to stop me.

After completing my board exams in 2014, I made several quilling cards. Later I got the idea to showcase my work. So I exhibited my work for the first time and I learned so many new things from that experience. I completed my diploma in Architecture Assistantship from M.S.U. Baroda in 2014 -17 during my college life, I did many quilling exhibitions at many places. It was really hard to manage both things at the same time. So I decided to convert my hobby into a profession after completing my diploma. I also decide to open an art gallery in my mind. After a year of hard work, I started my own art gallery called " Artoholic " in 2018 in Vadodara, it's really like one of my dreams come true.

Now in 2023, I am a full-time quilling artist and run a part-time online store. I am looking forward to making paper quilling more popular among people and set new boundaries for myself.